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Where do I invest in this market? Do I have enough to retire? Am I on track?

Questions like these are common in these uncertain times. Now more than ever the value of time-tested advice is needed to properly navigate through the noise and distractions of our lives.

At Forbes Financial Group, our first objective is to get to know you- not just your thoughts on money. Any financial advisor or do-it-yourself website can give you a 10 question survey and spit out a ''solution'' for you. We strive to know the real you: What keeps you up at night? Growing up, how did your family deal with finances? If you could pass on one lesson to your kids or grandkids about money, what would it be?

Only by getting to the real you can we provide sound guidance and suggestions aimed at accomplishing your goals while managing risk. At FFG, we don't chase hot stock tips. We don't chase returns. We develop strategies aimed at accomplishing your specific objectives, monitor those strategies, and follow up with you regularly to see what's new in your life and how that affects our approach to your goals.

The bottom line: relationships drive our approach to investing. World-class money management means nothing if we can't build a lasting relationship with our clients.